Saturday, January 28, 2012

7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes People Make

Are you one of those people who start off on weight loss plans, find midway through the entire exercise to find out those weeks of dieting and hard workout didn’t pay off at all! Those hard efforts you did only end up losing not much weight at all. What a waste, right?

I know some weight loss program does work and many does not, finding the right one that best fix with your personal style and sticking to the program all the through to completion will have that weights off. I did it with P90X, did the whole 90 days workout program and lost 25 lbs, just by avoiding the most common weight loss mistakes people make. As long as you don’t make this 7 common weight loss mistakes, you will succeed!
Mistake 1: No Good External Support
Having a trainer or a workout partner will encourage you in many ways and keep you motivated. Motivation is a fuel you might have in helping you lose weight.

Mistake 2:  No Proper Program
Having the fixed schedule to follow by will help you stick to the plan. It’s important to schedule a list of exercises and stick to it diligently if you want to see results in weight loss.

Mistake 3: Failure to Change Workout Every Four Weeks
When we do the same exercises again and again for weeks, our body quietly adjusts to it and then fails to respond causing us to lose weights. Shake up and change your routines and diet every four to six weeks will give you amazing results.

Mistake 4: Failure to Pay Heed to Nutrition
Good proper nutrition is the means to losing weight and keeping it off too. After a hard workout don’t head out and reach for some junk food, it will only add more weights to your body. Ensure your diet contains plenty of fiber, protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and no Trans fat. Always drink plenty of water, no more than 3 liters a day.

Mistake 5: Not Knowing When to Stop
Give your body sometimes to rest, so your body can recuperate. If you can’t stop, replace your workout with yoga or simple stretch workout.

Mistake 6: Giving Up Midway
Almost people get discouraged midway through their weight loss program especially when they don’t see any instant results within the first few weeks. Consistently will get the weights off, you just need to stick to it all the way through the end.

Mistake 7: No Physical Exercise Routine
Physical exercises are a must in losing weights. Taking diets pills or living on less than 500 calories a day will only sustained weight loss for awhile but will not ultimately make you lose weights and keep it off. 

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