Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ancient Aliens - Aliens And Sacred Places

Have you ever wondered how sacred places such as Jerusalem’s Temple Mount; Dome of the Rock; the Kaaba stone at the Islam shrine at Mecca; the temples of the Ajanta Caves in Indai, the churches of Lalibela, and many more, came about and who made them. I’m as puzzled as you; I am baffled by the phenomenon sacred places of how beautiful it is and at the same time mysteriously confused who made such a master piece: Aliens or Gods or Man.

This episode of “Ancient Aliens: Aliens and Sacred Places” from History Channel, will explore these mankind’s most sacred places and uncover who actually made them. It is an interesting documentary video explaining and uncovering the truth behind these mysterious sacred places and how it might relate Aliens. Full Episode video is below.

Watch video here


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