Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mystery Of Reddit's Giant Crocodile Solved

It didn't take long for a picture of a seemingly dinosaur-sized crocodile posted on Reddit to trickle out over the Internet or for users to point out the photographic trickery involved. This Giant crocodile is a hoax!
Suspicions were verified by the text accompanying an original print of the photo and trace back to the original post. According to the caption, the crocodile was shot and killed by an animal control officer in Zimbabwe after it had attacked and killed a number of fully grown cows. Crocodile was estimated around 15-16 feet.

Reddit user GWS2000 wrote:
"For this image (and the monster hog image also posted in comments) they are using a "forced perspective" camera trick that makes the animal appear much bigger than it actually is (although the croc still is huge)”. "Notice nobody in the photo has a hand or arm hanging over the front side of the animal. They are sitting further back from the animal than the picture implies."
 The Reddit crocodile is a huge animal, but compared to the crocodile captured in the Philippines that's a bigger one. According to the Daily Mail, the 21-foot-long crocodile captured in the Philippines last year could be one of the largest crocodile ever caught in history.

Watch video of the 21-foot-long crocodile captured in the Philippines here

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