Monday, January 30, 2012

Phenomena Photos of The Day: Primate Monkeys With Striking Human Expressions

See how primate monkeys can resemble human like characteristics. These phenomenon photos of Primate Monkeys with Striking Human Expressions were taken by British wildlife photographers Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers. For the past years, Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers traveled around the world to capture stunning images of some of the planet's most elusive primates. Below are their astounding portraits of apes in their natural habitat displaying human-like facial expressions.

According to Huffington Post UK:

    Though their subjects are rare it's clear to see why they are considered to be our closest cousins. Their collection of pictures captures apes in the natural habitant, with their instinctive expressions laid bare.

    From puzzled to playful, musing to mischievous, their startlingly human expressions reveal a capacity for emotion that rivals our own.

    Whether a sleepy yawn, piquant grin or thoughtful muse, these candid images show that apes are undeniably 97% human.
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