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7 Rapid Weight Loss Super Foods

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Change your life and appearance by experimenting with 7 rapid weight losses super foods a healthy nutritional plan. The 7 rapid weight loss super foods below help you control your hunger and flush out fat in the most efficient way. It is the best tools to shed extra pounds and resist the temptation of sugar cravings.
1. Guava
·  Exotic fruits are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. One medium sized guava contains no more than 45 calories. Inject some variety into your fruit salads by adding this delicious tropical fruit to your favorite recipes. 
2. Chia Seeds

·  If you had no idea of the fat burning effect of different seeds, it's time to get familiarized with the slimming effect of chia seeds. This is one of the most popular weight loss foods which can pack your body with the necessary amount of protein and fiber for an efficient slimming process. Chia seeds will also keep your blood sugar on the perfect level to save you from cravings.

3. Navy Beans

·  Prepare your favorite chili and soup recipes with the help of navy beans.

These ingredients are rich in protein and fiber, therefore, you can consume them on a regular basis during your slimming project. Due to their low-calorie value navy beans are highly recommended by pro nutritionists.
4. Organic Beef Liver

·  There's no need to stuff your stomach with veggies only to lose weight. You can shrink your waistline also if you choose the best types of meat low in calories.

Organic beef liver helps you tame your hunger for filling servings. 2 oz of this healthy ingredient contains no more than 80 calories. The protein and vitamin B content of liver will also contribute to the
fat burning process. 
5. Kefir

·  This time make small changes in your dairy consumption habits. Choose kefir instead of yogurt to explore the magical impact of this diet food on your digestive system. Kefir is rich in protein and fiber and contains no more than 120 calories per a full cup. Combine kefir with fruits or cereals if you want to prepare a delicious snack or breakfast. 
6. Cactus Pears

·  Discover the nutritive value of tropical fruits which can be easily embedded into your diet plan. One medium sized cactus pear contains 40 calories. Hit the grocery store to buy a large amount of these healthy snacks and keep them at hand when tortured by cravings. Moreover, cactus pears will also keep your blood sugar on the ideal level. 
7. Shitake Mushrooms

·  Make small changes in your eating plan and add shitake mushrooms to your pizza recipes and main meals. This low-calorie diet food is rich in Vitamin B and other essential nutrients to shed extra pounds in a healthy way.

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