Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are You Afraid of Being Bald?

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Are you afraid of being bald? Most people is afraid of being bald is the fact that there are endless strange myths, odd cures, bizarre ideas and mysterious tales surrounding them. It is said that your hair says a lot about your personal health, care, style and grooming, but does that tell us all about that individual? Here are 10 Myths about going bald and some are very outrageous funny.

  1. Stress leads to baldness

  2. Hair loss is caused by decreased blood flow to the scalp

  3. Level of testosterone and baldness is closely linked

  4. Certain shampoos can make hair grow faster

  5. Tight hats can cause baldness easily

  6. Baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family

  7. Frequent shampooing causes hair to fall out

  8. Playing with your hair can cause baldness

  9. Shaving hair does not make it grow back stronger

  10. Most women aren't attracted to bald men

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