Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are You An Emotional Eater? Take Survey to Find Out

If you say ‘yes’ to most of the questions mentioned below, then you've got the emotional eater bug and need to fix the problem:

·         Do you eat even when you are not hungry?

·         Does food soothe you and change your mood?

·         Do you rush to food whenever you are upset?

·         Do you find it hard to control your food intake?

·         Do you feel super guilty after eating?

Here some tips to help overcome the emotional eating bug:

1. Over consumption of alcohol, chocolate, high-fat foods and high-sugar foods is more of an emotional act rather than a bodily demand.

2. The key lies in relishing food and eating slowly, instead of fearing it and running away from it.

3. An emotional eater should breakthrough from the love-hate relationship with food.

4. Fight the greater inner turmoil of food. 


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