Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boiled Yam with Garden Eggs,Shrimps And Smoked Fish Recipe

Recipe is from Classic Nigerian Food Recipes by Michael Toye Faleti.


Serves 4
- 1 tuber Yam
- 6 pieces Garden egg (igba)
- 6 or more Chicken eggs
- 2 or 3 Fresh tomatoes
- 1 large Onion
- 3 small red chilli peppers
- 1 ½ cooking spoon Vegetable oil
- 20g Shrimps
- 1 piece of Smoked Fish
- 1 can of Sardine or Corn beef (optional)
-  Optional seasoning (thyme, Maggi, curry)


1. Slice yam into round pieces, remove back with a knife, and then place in a pot of water.  Add a bit of sugar and salt, put garden egg in a black thick paper bag then boil either separately or with the yam.

2. If garden egg is boiled or soft, pound or marsh with a small mortar.

3. Add 1 ½ cooking spoons of vegetable oil into a deep frying pan, slice in few onions, some tomatoes and the red chilly peppers then cook for 1 min.

4.  Add the sardine/corn beef, smoked fish, shrimps and the garden eggs. Meanwhile, whisk some chicken eggs in a bowl with a little bit of thyme, curry and a cube of Maggi.

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