Friday, January 27, 2012

Fish Cakes Recipe

This is one of my personal favorite for fish dish the fish cakes. A very delightful taste of lemon grass, pepper, red chilly spice, and garlic mixed with the taste of delicious fish without the fishy smell. Recipe is below, enjoy!

1/2 kg Boneless fish fillets (minced)
1 Egg (beaten)
¼ cup Shallots (chopped)
¼ cup Garlic (chopped)
¼ cup  Lemon grass (chopped)
½ tbsp Coriander (chopped)
½ tbsp Galanga root (chopped)
½ tbsp Pepper
2 tbsp Red chillies (chopped)
½ tbsp Salt
2 tbsp Cornstarch
           Oil for fry


1. Put fillet fish in blender and blend with  shallot, garlic, lemon grass, coriander, pepper, cornstarch, chllies, galanga and salt.

2. Make flat and round fish cakes at any size.

3. Heat the oil in the frying pan.

4. Deep-fry the fish cakes until golden brown or cooked.

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