Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to Boost Your Sex Drive

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Here some tips on how to boost your sex drive without having to take hormone-boosting medicines or toy with special sex toys that help boost your sex drive. There is a simpler and easier way to boosting your sex drive. Question is, “how far you willingly to go to acquire that so called sex drive boosters?”

Here are some basics and lifestyle habits that help elevate your desire and desirability for sex.

Exercise for that spicy sex life: Exercise has many health benefits and one of them is definitely sex. It helps keep your cardiovascular system healhty and happy. Exercise helps boost in the level of endorphins in the body helps love-making; not to mention, obviously make you and your partner feel sexier leading to a more pleasurable experience. 

Healthy diet for a better sex life: Poor health can lead to jammed arteries by unwanted saturated fat causing the blood to travel to the genital area. Having heart diseases due to poor health can link to bad erectile dysfunction. Too much weight can make the estrogens and testosterone level in your body go haywire, causing you to have a serious negative impact on your sex life. 

Say NO to smoking:  Smoking is always bad for your health and is known to be the biggest reason for damaging veins and arteries. Smoking can lead to the damaging of blood vessels even in the private parts of the body leading to male fertility, by reducing the quality of semen.

Check your alcohol and caffeine consumption: Alcohol and caffeine are similar to nicotine, that can trigger erectile dysfunction by restricting blood vessels and in some cases it can act as a depressant. Limiting the intake of alcohol to just a glass a day for women and two for men, can help with your health and boost sex drive.

Never multitask while having sex: Its may sound strange that multitask while having sex can have a huge impact toward good experience. Over doing task can lead to using up too much energy, in turn you might find yourself completely tired, left with no energy to show any interest on the lovemaking. 

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