Monday, January 23, 2012

Strange Sound around the World Now in Venice, Florida

More strange sounds heard around the world, this one recorded in Venice, Florida. Back in  August 22, 2011, the strange sounds were captured by 2 hikers earlier in the day before the Colorado Earthquake, and another in Czech Republic. What is this mysterious and strange sounds going around the world? Is this another fake video people trying to make a big deal about or is it real? I personally don't know. I'll let you determine if this strange sound is fake or real.

Watch video here to heard the strange sounds that are going around the world.

Uploaded by ROFLaughingPS3

Here are some comments people left.
…even if this one is fake its ok..i know what i heard here in corpus christi texas and it scared the hell out of my son and i..there will be fake videos ..of course..but what i heard was very real and very scary sounding!!

…the sound is the same everywere in the world. I heard it my self last week!

…all bullshit
and if not.... its the government for sure!

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