Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mysterious Brown Mountain Lights (video)

Photo by Rob Moore | Watauga Democrat

For hundreds of years mysterious lights have appeared on Brown Mountain in North Carolina. The legendary Brown Mountain Lights have defied explanation for decades. In recent years, researchers have bolstered efforts to detect, analyze and even forecast the phenomenon, described as balls of light that appear along the Brown Mountain range in Burke County. No one has solved the mystery of what are these mysterious lights appearing and disappearing.

Strange tales of this mountain have been told for generation to generation, the legend states the first to speak of the mystery were the Cherokee Indian tribes eight hundred years ago. Locals say the lights are the spirits of the dead from a battle fought on the mountain long ago where many warriors were slaughtered. Look like the spirit still roam around till this day. Watch video below to see the mysterious lights appear and disappear into thin air.
The Charlotte Observer published a 1913 article detailing the Morganton Fishing Club's account of seeing the lights: “With punctual regularity the light rises in a southeasterly direction from the point of observation just over the lower slope of Brown Mountain … It looks much like a toy fire balloon, a distinct ball, with no ‘atmosphere' about it … It is much smaller than the full moon, much larger than any star and fiery red.”

The Burke County has been putting a Brown Mountain lights event for those who are interested to take a tour and experienced the phenomenon lights.
The Burke County plans next event in the fall, the event, open to 20 people for $99 each, includes dinner and a brief presentation in Morganton followed by a drive to a viewing point. For more information, contact the Burke County TDA at (828) 433-6793 or find its page on Facebook.
 Here a video footage captured during a shoot at Brown Mountain with the National Geographic Channel for the program PARANATURAL, L.E.M.U.R back in 2009. Video captured this weird phenomenon using 3rd Generation Night Vision. It is replayed a few times, then enhanced and slow down.


Here a 2008 news report of the Mysterious Brown Mountain, video got several good footage of the lights and give a good historical facts and legend of the lights. If you haven't seen it yet, it is forth watching. 

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