Saturday, February 11, 2012

BunteukLeukLub บันทึกลึกลับ (video)

Today show is about a filth-eating spirit (Phi Kra-Sue) a ghost that appears as a floating head which has glowing red entrails dangling from its neck, one of the most feared ghosts in Thailand.

People in Muang Thong Sala Daeng district have report that Phi Kra-Sue have been spotted in their village. They describe seeing a long curly hair, dark skin, lungs and intestines hanging down floating around. Now that someone captured a mysterious light flashes that matches the description of the Phi Kra-Sue, they are now positive that it is a Phi Kra-Sue.

BunteukLeukLub บันทึกลึกลับ (video) TV Episode Showing February 10, 2012

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