Saturday, February 4, 2012

BunteukLeukLub บันทึกลึกลับ (video)

BunteukLeukLub บันทึกลึกลับ (video) TV Episode Showing January 27, 2012

Rescue officials found a headless body floating in Little River Ping, afterward determined that the body was of a missing girl 6 years old reported missing for several days in the village. Many question rises to why the head was missing, villagers believe she was murdered and officials not sure of the child death but believe the head got detached due to staying in the water too long or was torn away by branches or rock. 

Within 6 days of the discovery of the headless body people of Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai reported seeing the ghost of the headless child. When residents and merchants drove over the bridge in the morning between 3 or 4 at night, they would see her. The appearance of the haunted headless ghost gotten worst day after day, villagers would see headless ghost outside house and inside house when night fall. The mysterious phenomenon continues to occur continuously.

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