Friday, February 17, 2012

Do you believe in Serpent or Phaya Naga?

Phaya Nāgas are very common in all the Buddhist countries of Asia. The Phaya Nāga concept has been merged with local traditions of great and wise serpents or dragons. Phaya Nāga generally has the form of a great cobra-like snake, usually with a single head but sometimes with many. Phaya Nāgas are capable of using magic powers to transform themselves into a human semblance and have been worship by many Asia believers as symbol of magical and powerful creature.  

There have been many video footage of Serpent or Phaya Naga captured across Laos and Thailand that prove the existence of this magical and powerful creature.

Here some of the videos

Video footage was taken at thousands of bridges across the Mekong River in Mukdahan in Laos.

 Track marks of Phaya Naga in Central Pattaya Thailand.


Another Phaya Naga's body scale marks in the Shrine of the Thung Song Temple, Thailand.


Fake or real, you decide for yourself. 

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