Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Mysterious Bottomless Pit (Video)

What is the mysterious bottomless pit hole? Does it truly exist? Many groups have set out to locate the mystery hole, and all fail to find this mysterious hole.To this day, no one's been able to this mysterious bottomless pit.

The mysterious bottomless pit hole is claimed to be in a place near Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg, Washington. A few have seen but many still wonder of its existence because the hole would appear then vanishes.

This mysterious bottomless pit hole is known as “Mel’s Hole” which was allegedly discovered by Mel Waters many years ago. Many locals claim to know about the hole, but it didn't become phenomena until 1997, when Mel Waters went on the Coast to Coast radio show with Art Bell..The mystery hole is said to have paranormal properties and some claim that the hole is miles deep. Many stories have surrounded Mel’s Hole over the years fill with mystery and phenomenon. One man claimed that he had visited the paranormal pit and threw the lifeless body of his pet dog into its depths. The next day, that dog returned to him alive.

Others claim that there is a secret underground base of some sorts covers up by government. Many UFO activities have been associated with the area, causing many to believe that there are something strange happening in the forests of Ellensburg. Read more: Mel’s Hole – Search For The Bottomless Pit

Here a news report video that interview a man named Red Elk who is one of the only people alive known to have ever seen the mysterious hole. Red Elk is a Native American Shaman, or medicine man, he said his dad first showed him the hole in 1961. Every times he step foot near the bottomless pit strange things happen to him. Find out more about Red Elk interview and story of the mysterious bottomless pit, by watching the video below.


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