Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mysterious Random-Flashing in High Altitude Over Pittsburgh: UFO (Video)

They strange random flashing was filmed north of Pittsburgh on October 11, 2010 and caught with ATN NVM14-3A generation 3A night vision multi-scope w/5X magnification lens attached to a Sony HD camcorder providing additional zoom. The mysterious random-flashing does not look like any iridium satellite parts or doubt it is a helicopter because it is so high in the sky. So what is this random flashed in the sky? Is it an UFO sending some kind message across the sky to another UFO?

Here the story of how the camerawoman managed to captured the footage of the random-flashing UFO, and why this video just recently be released to the public. Read below on her comments.

Please note the movement -- seems to often stop for a while, then increase in speed especially around 4:30 mark (use the nearby stars as reference). Doesn't seem like iridium satellite parts by the looks of it's movement, but at 9:45pm, something rotating up that high could still catch the Sun's rays since it set at 6:27pm. I've seen tons of satellites in night vision, but never anything that moved so SLOW. I doubt a helicopter would be hovering so high either. The lights are not consistent with a TIMED relay-switch controlled, voltage-regulated, standard navigation lights on airplanes which don't flash randomly, nor randomly bright like this nor disappear into space. So it's definitely 'unidentified', it's flying and it's an object. Perhaps someone with access to complete records can look up that date and time/location w/direction of travel to find out if any super-slow moving tumbling satellites where present then... Of course, spy satellites could be an option, I suppose -- but the flashing isn't so spy-like, so would be a FAIL.

Filmed north of Pittsburgh on October 11, 2010 and caught while I was watching a bird fly past. It was headed east (approximately, I didn't have a compass).
Video was one of those deleted by hacker so I apologize for it being from 2010 and you've already seen it. AND I APOLOGIZE FOR IT NOT BEING FILMED ON A TRIPOD... It's just not practical to carry a tripod around with you all the time 'just in case' you see a UFO... I don't even carry a cell phone most of the time.

FYI - The music playing in the background was from a neighbor's outside party, not mine.
Filmed with ATN NVM14-3A generation 3A night vision multi-scope w/5X magnification lens attached to a Sony HD camcorder providing additional zoom (which would have only shown black w/random flash if I had removed it, so I didn't bother).

We'd be seeing these bright, white, random flashes in the sky ever since we put a hot tub in the yard back in 2005. More seen since 2007 & 2008. While pulsar stars, supernovas and reflections of tumbling iridium satellites are common excuses for the flashes, as a sky watcher (the normal astronomy stuff) for at least 35 years, these excuses just didn't fit since I'd NEVER seen them in the sky previously and they always were spread out too far & different spots to be parts, This video shows evidence contrary to those claims. The object flashing was not visible to bare eyes in-between the flashes.

I will use the 'stabilize footage' youtube feature to try and show the slow movement better after youtube finishes final processing.

I reuploaded it because of and in support to the Arizona Skywatchers UFO club capture of the flare-type light seeing during their nightvision skywatch in connection with the International UFO Congress, being held through February 26, 2012 held at Fort McDowell Resort & Casino
10438 North Fort McDowell Road, Fountain Hills, AZ 85264. More information at
 Watch video here

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