Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Explanation of the Flare UFO Over Utah

Last year in 2011, witnesses’ saw a strange UFO appeared in the night sky over Utah, and appeared to drop a flare and it became huge news. Two witnesses who have experience of military flares claim the technology used was unlike anything they've seen before. Most people who witness it thought for sure it was a UFO.

"Yeah, it's because they're not making much noise and they're not fireworks and they don't look like flares from any kind of aircraft,"

"With the coloring and the lights and how they behaved what else could it have been?"

Today ABC 4 News has a new explanation of the UFO sightings of unexplained lights in the sky near Lehi in Utah just over a year ago.  They may have found an answer as to what these strange lights in the sky really are and it maybe not what you thought it was.Watch video below

Watch video here

Here the 2011 news of the Flare UFO over Utah in case you miss it.


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