Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Phenomena Photo of the Northern Lights Over the Arctic Circle

Spectacular: An aeroplane's wing is lit up by the Northern Lights. The Air Canada flight was heading over the Atlantic when a passenger took this spectacular photo

Take a look of the breathtaking images of the Northern Lights over the Arctic Circle: lights that paint a breathtaking colour backdrop across the wilderness of the Arctic. The natural phenomenons of these beautiful lights are so glazing with glowed beauty.  

Views the images of these Earth's most stunning natural spectacles below. 

Dedication: German-born Kerstin has snow-shoed and dog-sleighed her way up some of Scandinavia's most spectacular mountains to get the perfect picture

A wisp of green light twists over a pink sky in this incredible picture of northern lights over Svalbard in Norway. German photographer Kerstin Langenberger, 29, captured the incredible moment when she was travelling 800 miles from the North Pole

Husky's delight: A rare pink sky over Svalbard, Norway. The spectacular sight only occurs once in every five years 

Natural beauty: These rare green and blue northern lights were photographed over the city of Grundarfjorour in Iceland

Awe-inspiring: The dramatic pink sky was caused by freak high clouds that were pushed up by low pressure air, so they rose over the curvature of the earth and were hit by sunlight

Eerie: A green aurora appears over Svalbard in Norway, an area close to the north pole which is shrouded in darkness for much of the year

Watch video: Northern Lights over Lapland

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