Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl commercials 2012

Another phenomenon year of Super Bowl and with Super Bowl there are the super bowl commercials. Watch some of the weirdest to coolest and awesome commercials here.

Audi 2012 Super Bowl commercial
Find out what happens when an Audi S7 shows up at a party full of vampires.


 Pepsi - King's Court
Where There's Pepsi, There's Music.


 Best Buy
Phone Innovators: Official 2012 Best Buy Game Day Commercial


"Ms. Brown": This teaser introduces candy addicts to Ms. Brown, the newest member of the M&M clan. Can she survive the all-male group? 


Go Daddy
"Body Paint": Danica Patrick is hawking for the web company along with fitness guru Gillian Michaels as they paint a model's body with info about Go Daddy.


The Dog Strikes Back: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial
all-new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle inspires Bolt the dog to get in shape, and an intergalactic superstar makes a surprise appearance.

Coke 2012 Commercial: "Catch" starring NE_Bear
Bear will relieve some tension when his friends toss him a Coke...if he can catch it.


Chevy Sonic "Stunt Anthem" | Chevy Super Bowl XLVI Ads | Chevrolet Commercial
Watch Sonic's first time skydiving, bungee jumping, kick flipping, and performing with OK GO. 100% real stunts.


SKECHERS - GO RUN Mr. Quiggly! Big Game Commercial 2012
 Mr. Quiggly, the tiny French Bulldog with the heart of a champion, in his SKECHERS GOrun 2012 Big Game commercial.


NEW E*TRADE Baby Game Day Commercial - Fatherhood
The E*TRADE Baby reassures a new dad about planning for his daughter's future with E*TRADE Financial Consultants.


MetLife - "Everyone" Game Day Commercial
 MetLife believes every family, everywhere, should have the financial security they need. We're on a mission to make the complicated, simple.


Chevy Volt "Aliens #1 - Come On" | Super Bowl XLVI Ads | Chevrolet Commercial
 A man walks in on a curious group of intergalactic creatures checking out the advanced technology of his Chevrolet Volt.


The Force: Volkswagen Commercial
 A pint-sized Darth Vader uses the Force when he discovers the all-new 2012 Passat in the driveway.


Country Drive - Hyundai Sasquatch commercial
 Hyundai Canada Meets Sasquatch.

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