Saturday, March 17, 2012

BunteukLeukLub บันทึกลึกลับ (video)

Monks and villagers witness the mysterious phenomenon of the floating Buddha statues. In a pond surrounded by pool of water in the ancient Temple Mound several Buddha statues arise up from the ground floating up by itself. The Buddha statues size width between 12 inches and 8 inches tall and weighting more than 5 pounds, making it seems impossible for such a size to arise up from the ground. Thousands of people witness the mysterious phenomenon and puzzled at the same time when bringing up the Buddha statues. Some people believe that this may be a miracle by god, because there were people who dream of an ancient warrior in this area several times telling them that several Buddha statues will be arise up from the pool.

Follow up on the story by watching the whole documentary in BunteukLeukLub บันทึกลึกลับ (video) TV Episode Showing March 16, 2012.

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