Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flying Bird or UFO? (Video)

A mysterious flying object was filmed over a German farm, and got many specular wondering what it is. The unidentified flying object float like a bird, it spins, flutters and whirls and hovered over the sky. Many believe it is a "luminescent birds" or "glowing birds" because you can see the wings flapping. Others disagree believing it is not a bird but something else because of the size and the flashing color.
So what is the glowing flying object? Is it a bird or a UFO?

Full source from Gather News

A UFO was filmed in the early morning hours over a German farm which is possibly the most beautiful footage ever of an unidentified flying object. Floating like a bird, it spins, flutters and whirls through the sky. But it's no bird. So what is it?

The YouTuber who filmed the encounter doesn't identify where in Germany this object was spotted. But the audio indicates it's a peaceful spot far from the city. Birds chirp and a child plays with a toy in the background.

The UFO comes into frame from the brightening sky to the east and swoops before the camera in a lazy, downward spiral, seeming to perform a private show for the lucky German watching this spectacle outside the comfy home.
As the object circles in the distance, barely glimpsed through the trees, it reveals features no bird in the world displays. If it is a bird, then it's made of silver and has a reflective tail made of blinking lights.

No matter what this vision turns out to be, it's one of the most beautifully framed and photographed UFO videos ever taken.

Here's the video


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