Friday, March 2, 2012

New Explanations of UK Fighter Jets Chase UFO: Is this a MOD Cover Up? Or a Hoax (Video)

UK News search for an explanation of footage video of two UK fighter jets shadowing a UFO which has lead to calls on the Ministry of Defense to either label the video a hoax or respond to escalating fears of a potential threat to national security. The original video, which has gone viral, is shown during the interview, and it's hard to draw any solid conclusions.

In the news report below, the anchorwoman on British Forces News asks expert Nick Pope if the threat is real or if it is a hoax. Find out what expert Nick Pope had to say and what is the answer to this UFO sighting. Does this sighting draw any threat to the nation by aliens or, perhaps, by sophisticated terrorists attempting to install fear.

The YouTube footage of the two fighter jets, gliding over the skies of Birmingham, look and sound real but the UFO hovers in the sky appear to be fishy. The flying object certainly looks like a solid object, but some video can be a trickery done by average video hobbyist, as well as the professional.

What do you think? Is this UFO video fact or faked?

Here’s the report:


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