Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo of the Day: Oh No! Bar-sexual Monkey!

Yes, you read it right; monkey can be bar-sexuals or fauxmosexuals. Like Barsexual/Heterosexual women who like to get frisky with each other to get attention, these female bonobos monkeys like to do it too. Female bonobos put on 'barsexual' displays with each other to impress the alpha-lesbians, a way to advertise their homosexual behaviour for attention among other females. No wonder scientist stated that apes act just like human. Hmm…

Picture above are two female bonobos mate, crying out in pleasure. The animals put on displays of homosexual activity which are similar to human behaviour where girls will flirt with one another to impress others.

 Bonobo family group in forest clearing, Democractic Republic of Congo: The animals are closely related to chimpanzees, but less aggressive and more sociable - and highly given to sexual play.

Two female bonobo monkeys embrace

Go here to see video, if you would like to watch how these Barsexual/Heterosexual bonobos monkeys does business.


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