Monday, March 12, 2012

Strange Light Ball Drop Over RIO (Video)

A strange light ball drops over Rio de Janeiro was captured on camera in Brazil on Sunday. Witness saw a strange flashing white light hovering over the sky and second later saw a light ball dropping and falling out of the bottom to the ground. This incident caused huge waves of wonder because the unusual behavior of this flying object or UFO was truly weird.

What is this weird unusual UFO's behavior? More importantly what is it dropping down from above?

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A UFO filmed over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday is causing waves because of its unusual behavior. The flashing white light is strange in itself, but when a similar, flashing "light ball" drops out of the bottom and falls to the ground, the incident enters the realm of the truly weird. What is it?

The video is offered with little commentary and those witnessing the strange show are silent as a flashing white light is filmed over the streets of Brazil's biggest city.

A blinking white light hovering high in the sky is not unusual, if it's a helicopter. So it's fortuitous that the videographer kept the unidentified flying object in frame long enough to see what happens next.

Suddenly, the UFO seems to drop another flashing white "light ball" out of its bottom and the second light starts drifting down to the ground. The video ends abruptly, so it's not clear if the second white light hits the ground or not.

No matter what this thing is, something like this has never been filmed before. So what is it?

Here's the video


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