Saturday, March 24, 2012

UFO over Wainscott, New York (Video)

An mysterious object hover over Wainscott in New York. Footage of the unknown object was videotaped on March 24, 2012 over a tree in northwest in Wainscott.

Here how witness describe the occurrence:
I was outside with my dog, and I had seen several objects in the night sky which I frequently do. I have reported these repeat occurences to MUFON.

I saw a white star-like object ascend over my tree line in a northwest direction, where it then hovered. I was able to get two cameras from inside the house. When I returned moments later, the object was in same place.

Footage is not that clear in some clips, but quite clear in others. This object was in the sky heading in an southeasterly direction for approx 1 1/4 hours.

Here's the video:

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