Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ghost Boy Spotted in The Whittington Hospital’s Basement

The image was taken by Ghost hunter Leonard Low during his investigation of the paranormal activity beneath The Whittington hospital in Magdala Avenue, Archway. Image illuminated a clear face of a young boy appears out of the darkness.

I’m not convince on this mysterious image ghost hunter Leonard Law says proves this is a ghost. Something tells me this ghost image is too good to be true, or maybe this is the first actual clear image of a ghost caught on photo that making me doubts this image. What do you think: fake or real?

Here a little history before the investigation.

Visitors and nurses always felt a strange presence and seen a ghost-like figure watching them in The Whittington hospital. The present of the strange paranormal activity is always beneath The Whittington hospital basement, a 19th century arches deep underground basement. Where nobody had been in the area for years and the ground is like a crystallized snow described by the administrator at the hospital. The Whittington Health knew and aware that there have been ghost stories about sightings and feelings in the smallpox hospital over the years, but kept it silence. 

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