Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mysterious Light in Bangkok

Mysterious light caught on camera in Bangkok, Thailand. Villagers believe the mysterious light is a Phi Kra-Sue ghost. Phi Krasue is a ghost that appears as a floating head which has glowing red entrails dangling from its neck, one of the most feared ghosts in Thailand. 

Phi Kra-Sue is a kind of Thai ghosts that possesses in women and turn the woman into a living dead. It is believed that Phi Kra-Sue only comes out at nighttime having only her head and her entrails with green light flying out into the woods and leave her body at home to find food (eat eat raw meat from human or animal).

Watch video of news reporter discuss the red light captured by the female student is that of a Phi Krasue or not. Like always, you decide if this is a ghost or a fake.
Watch video here

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