Monday, February 20, 2012

Ghostly Hitchhiker Of Coleford-Cinderford Road Near the Dilke

England, Local newspaper Forest of Dean and Wye ran an article about a ghostly incident that took on a lone stretch of road in Coleford-Cinderford near the Dilke.

Does a ghost appear regularly at this spot on the Coleford-Cinderford road near the Dilke?

According to a local man, who does not wishes to be identified, he regularly passes the Dilke Hospital during the night and has two shivers encounter on that lonely road what he believes is a ghost. On both occasions, he has seen the same person waiting in the middle of the night for a bus which no bus was due during that time. When he pulled over to offer a ride, the person vanished without a trace in thin air. The man knew that there is something supernatural about a figure waiting in the road by the bus stop at the Dilke side of the road. He knows that what he saw was something out of the ordinary and wishes to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Here a full reports from England, Local Newspaper Forest of Dean and Waye Valley today

Lone figure waits…then vanishes
A LONG-time driver who regularly passes the Dilke Hospital during the night has the shivers after encountering what he believes is a ghost…twice!

Not wishing to be identified in case his employers worry about his state of mind, the man says he is sure there is something supernatural about a figure waiting in the road by the bus stop at the Dilke side of the road – only to vanish when the kind-hearted driver offered him a lift into Cinderford.

The first time it happened 18 months ago, knowing no bus was due, he drew in to offer the man a lift. The half-past midnight encounter was unsettling.

“The shelter has windows and when I pulled up and looked out and there was nobody there at all, I wondered if it had just been a reflection in one of the glass panels,” he said.

But he looked all around and there was nobody in sight…

Putting the mystery to the back of his mind he had all but forgotten it until last Sunday, when the figure again appeared at the bus stop at around 7pm and he slowed down. Once again it had gone when he drew level. Once again, there was nobody at all in sight.

And thinking back to the earlier occasion, he remembered the figure had looked exactly the same and was even looking in the same direction on both occasions, as if waiting for somebody he knew.

The driver is so convinced that there is something odd about the encounters that he wonders if anyone knows of “something terrible” that happened at this spot many years ago.

“It might be quite some time ago, because everyone I have told about it says they have heard of nothing like that. And the bus stop itself must be fairly recent,” he said.

“Even the cemetery and crematorium over the road, the sort of place you might expect to have ghostly goings-on, only started in the 1950s.”

•Do you know of any tragedy which took place at this spot? Tell the Review about it on 01594 841113.

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