Monday, February 20, 2012

Latest UFO Sightings (Video)

There have been overloads of UFO sighting just in within the year of 2012. We been seeing UFO sighting in Russia, Canada, Australia, Utah California, Mexico City, South India, and many more. The latest one now is in South Carolina in California, a sighting of a silvery orbs dancing across the morning sky. What the meaning of all these, does alien truly exist and are they trying to tell us something. The more we investigate the more it doesn't really help to solve the mystery, only to deepen it. What do you think? Is this UFO sighting across the world a sign of some sort? Or all of these UFO sighting is all hoax?

Here are some UFO sighting video.

A silvery orb UFO was filmed in South Carolina in broad daylight on Monday. What makes this sighting so exceptional is the number of orbs captured on tape, with dozens dancing across the morning sky.


UFO sightings in Hollywood, CA Part 2 Feb. 17, 2012


UFO Sighting Unknown Objects Fly By A Plane Feb 17 2012


UFO Sighting in South India Feb. 16, 2012

UFO Airport Mexico City, Tijuana Desaparece Feb 16 2012

UFO activity over Palmyra, Utah Feb 14 2012

UFO Feb 12 2012 Edmonton Canada




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