Thursday, February 2, 2012

Most Terrifying Places-Waverly Hills Sanatorium

What is it that makes hospital so creepy? Is it that long scary hall way or the number of death within the hospital? It can be all the above and more. One of the most terrifying hospital of them all is “Waverly Hills Sanatorium”.

 Here a clip from the show “The Most Terrifying Places in America”, this explores the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY.  The center of experimental and advanced treatments for tuberculosis in the 1920s, and was closed down by the State quickly due to the abuse and neglect. This abandoned hospital is now open for paranormal investigator and thrill seekers.

Rumor has it that the number of death from the Waverly Hill Sanatorium was over 60,000.

Watch video clip features footage interviews with the visitors and the owner telling the horror of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.


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