Friday, February 3, 2012

Mysterious Creature Found in San Diego!

Photos by Josh Menard

San Diego found a mysterious looking creature washed a shore on a beach and no one knows for sure at this point what it is. San Diego call it “Demonoid", the beast is about two feet in length has a body shape of a pig—kind of a fat stomach, middle area and the canines are ridiculously large – 8-10 inches.Some thought at it first was some kind of Chupacabra that swims in water. What you think?

Could it be those genetic hybrids in the records left by our ancient ancestors? Are our human scientists trying to change history as "gods of the new age," by creating hybrid creatures in labs? 

Check this video footage of genetic hybrids and mythological animals captured on camera and photographed. 

Watch video here

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