Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another UFO Saucer in the Sky (Video)

Another UFO Saucer spotted in the sky. Place and location is unknown, just know it is above witness back yard. Footage captured a UFO, appeared to be flying saucer above the sky. UFO seems to be hovering in the sky for a second and then zoomed and zipped off.  YouTube video was uploaded by dtlp76 on Mar 3, 2012.

Witness stated:

I looked out my deck door and saw this ,ran for my camera and got as much as I could before it zipped off

My opinion this footage looks to good to be true. First off the UFO seems too clear and it is very obvious. Second, when it took off there was a good sound effect that came with it.

Here’s the video:

What you think of it? Real or Fake? 

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