Saturday, March 3, 2012

BunteukLeukLub บันทึกลึกลับ (Video)

Mystery to the phenomenon baby ghost Teo.

Within first day of birth baby girl named Teo came out with a full smile and a laugh. Shortly after within the same day died due to some sickness; parents buried her body. Three years later, the parents decided to replace Teo tomb and do a ritual to bless her spirit for some strange reason. When they opened Teo’s tomb and saw Teo’s body, what they saw shocked them. Instead of seeing Teo’s body rot away by nature, they saw her body still remain the same when it was buried 3 years ago.See picture above for more details.

After this incident became vital throughout news and media, people around came to worship Teo’s body. Almost all those who came to worship little Teo reported seeing Teo ghost roaming around close by.

Here's the video:



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